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“Animal & Bird Welfare Society” – Indore, Madhya Pradesh is a nonprofit-nongovernmental charity organization working for the benefit of mute & innocent animals. The NGO is involved in a wide spectrum of animal welfare activities, having more concentration on free onsite medical and surgical treatments for strays. Animal & Bird Welfare Society provides hands-on assistance to animals in need, whether it’s dogs and cats, wildlife and livestock, or rescuing animals in the wake of disasters.

The organization also advocate saving animals from cruelty and depletion. Organization team includes rescue workers, veterinarians, policy experts, campaigners, scientists, educators, and the highest quality support staff all driven by a determination to help animals in need. The organization also have a strong local level network which supports them to fulfill the vision and mission of the Animal & Bird Welfare Society.

Organization’s work connects animal welfare and conservation, demonstrating that healthy populations, naturally sustaining habitats and the welfare of individual animals are intertwined. Also, use their hands-on projects on the ground to inform and influence policy. The management and staff of the Animal & Bird Welfare Society are sensitive to the needs of communities and work for solutions that benefit both animals and people.


“All companion animals have unique intrinsic value and are accepted as being capable of feeling and perception. As a consequence, they must be responsibly owned and valued by their human counterparts.”


“To serve the community and enhance the welfare of animals, in a quality environment, by alleviating animal suffering and reducing the number of lost, injured and unwanted animals.”

Why Do We Need Funds?

We would like to raise funds to develop more effective facilities for the betterment of animal situation at the shelter and around.

Current ICU Ward: ICU ward requires more facilities for the effective treatment process.

  • Cleaning tools and machines are required for a hygienic environment.
  • ICU door is not in proper condition, windows of ICU are broken.
  • Cages are not having enough facilities.

Animal food & shelter

The Shelter – cum – Hospital houses will have capacity of at least 100 dogs and 20 other animals at any given day. These animals include small puppies that have lost their mothers neither having a proper shelter to protect itself nor any source of food, are collected from different areas of the city and nursed at our shelter – cum – Hospital. Provisions of food and milk for animals have been made in our shelter. We will also provide with grass and fodder to cows and such other animals. We will provide food, shelter and medical treatment to various accident cases of cows and other such animals.

Rescue animals

This activity will conduct for both the pets as well as stray animals but does not include any wild animal. Here, when people inform us about the injured animals, our ambulance carries such animals to our hospital – cum – shelter. We will treat such animals, feed them and take proper care till they are in a good health again. After the animals are restored to health, we will leave them to the respective place from where they were brought. Such treatment is free of charge for stray animals.

Animal Welfare activities

Stray or community dogs are a problem all over India. In spite of not having exact statistical data, it can be gauged that there are about 100,000 to 150,000 dogs in Indore who are unwanted and roaming about being beaten and kicked due to whatever reasons. In the 1990s the ABC (Animal Birth Control or
catch/spay/neuter/vaccinate and release) method was gradually adopted first in various cities of India. It was observed that bringing down the number of street dogs in a humane manner resulted in a dramatic decline in the number of cases of human rabies.

Detailed Estimate of Activity

Though there are many things to be taken care of, these are some very urgent stuff to be done.

ICU is build up in around 2500 Sq Ft.

  • ICU Ward Facility: Sever Line, with chambers – 2.5 Lac To 3.0 Lac.
  • Tiles, Gates, partition and Complete Construction to the broken part of walls. – 4-5 Lacs
  • Water Storage & Supply – 50-60 K
  • Rooftop Repairing – 1-2 Lacs
  • Kitchen: 8 – 10 Lacs (Storage)
  • Misc. Expenditures -4 -5 Lacs (Food, Medical treatment, Staff, Transportation Etc.)

Our Awards


“Best Shelter of the Year”


“Best Shelter in CA”


“Best Shelter on the West Coast”


“#1 Animal Shelter in Anaheim”